She’s in Charge

improvu copyIt took just over two weeks of deferring, pointing, redirecting, and not answering, but it happened. In Theater, one of the natural roles is the Producer, and in my class I am the facilitator, not the Producer. That role fell on A—r, a Freshman who showed her personal drive during our “getting to know you” phase of class. I pulled her aside after three classes and asked, “What do you think of being the class Producer?”

“What’s a Producer? What would I do?”

A—r took charge. She organized groups. Over time the class learned to go to her, ask for workshops, ask for resources, plan things out, and ask for her feedback in their critical friends. She managed the entire Comedy Night. The class turned to her, she came to me for the help she needed, she sent me (I repeat, she SENT ME) where I was needed. She asked for extra workshops when she felt a group was not really pulling it off. She challenged me to find community resources (which I did.)

My student led.

“It’s like you planned it that way, Mr. Johnson.”



I like butterflies.

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